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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Sundays always find me in a senti mood, so I wish to devote this post to greeting three mega-special girls in my life a belated 'Happy Birthday':

Tanya, my partner-in-crime at the office and my "pinaka-baklang ate sa lahat";

Walter, my almost-boyfriend (yihee);

and Orange, my mother, and the-girlfriend-I-never-had (CHOZ!).

(Awi's punctuation mark of the day: the dash (-). Which is distinct in function from the double-dash (--), take note. For your reading pleasure, I will be sure to devote a post to this charming little grammar topic one day, hehe.)

Mga ate, I love you to bits! Here's to love, happiness... and, for two of you, some sex naman in your life, mwahaha (wag na natin sabihin kung sino sa inyo, let's let everyone guess na lang) ;-)


  • At 2:47 AM, Blogger waltzang said…

    my god i look horrible! even i wouldn't date someone who look that retarded! hahahaha.

  • At 2:56 AM, Blogger waltzang said…

    hi awi, may i share some info for extra learning today? actually this (-) is a hyphen and this (--) is a dash.

    hyphens are used to connect two words, for example, yung mga women who choose to use their husbands' surnames. e.g. genevive dimaculangan-pendleton or luzviminda palomo-berenger.

    you used the hyphen correctly in your blog entry. = )

    when using hyphens, there should be no space before and after the hyphen.

    dashes naman are used to separate thoughts/ideas. and there should be a space before and after the dash.

    careful when using hyphen in ms word because if you leave a space before and after it, ms word will automatically turn it into a dash.

    that's all.

  • At 3:10 AM, Blogger waltzang said…

    sya nga pala, thanks for the greeting. hihihi.


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